These whimsical little guys are perfect for expanding young imaginations or decorating the desks of creative folks.
We have sad news: After much debate, we have decided to close Monroe Workshop Toys. Unfortunately, it's become too costly to make the toys by hand, with the materials and quality that we take so much pride in. The numbers and margins just weren't adding up.
We're currently exploring other options (like partnerships and licensing), but for now we've shut down the website.
Thank you all for a WONDERFUL ten years. We have loved creating these heirloom toys for you and your families. We hope our friendly wooden animals continue to bring joy to your homes for years to come.
We apologize for any inconvenience and to those of you who have tried to put in orders. We may have a pop-up sale with remaining inventory. Please stay tuned to hear what's next for us, but meanwhile, we're still available on Instagram and will be reading messages. 
Love, Jen and Matt